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Features Table

Compare our features to those of our competitors.

Microcosm Vanilla vBulletin Invision PB Discourse
Starter plans
Monthly cost $10 $99 $15 $20 $100
User limits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 25 online Unlimited
Pageview limits Unlimited 100k Unlimited Unlimited 100k
Bandwidth limits Unlimited Unlimited 25gb Unlimited Unlimited
Forum features
Custom logo and style
Use your own domain name
Private Forums
Trending Items
Private messages
Private group messages
Default legal documents to reduce your liability
Formatting Markdown
and BBCode
and HTML
or BBCode
BBCode BBCode Markdown
@mention notifications
Reply notifications
Auto-embed media
Members List
Online Members List
Can change username
Security & spam protection
Inline moderation tools
IP blocking
User banning
Stop Forum Spam
External link malware protection
Full API access to all functionality

vBulletin has a global calendar for events, but does not support events within forums, event attendance, event notifications.

Vanilla has an API but you need to pay more for it. Whilst you can do a lot with the API, not everything that the site does can be done with the API.

Where is Discourse? As of writing Discourse is in a beta period and their pricing and features have not yet stabilised to allow us to perform a comparison.